Jeremy & Bailey

Since we are business owners of Natural Escapes in Cozad, Nebraska, and Bailey is a Lecturer of Teacher Education at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, we dedicate as much time as we can to our mission to spread hope in the midst of mental illness. We are constantly working on more ways to share our message. Our newest book, "When the House Feels Sad" came to print early in 2018. And the Anchoring Hope support group is now live often on Facebook. Stick with us! We can help the world understand and support those with mental illness. 

Our family celebrating one year of Jeremy being free of suicidal thoughts...

Often, we go live on Facebook for our Anchoring Hope support group meetings. While we used to meet face-to-face in Cozad, we learned we could help more through the use of technology. Join us in the live meetings and comment along with us. Like our Facebook page to follow our journey. We always post when we will be going live.

What's in the works?

Anchoring Hope